International Conference on Construction Industry (ICCI) 2


Cooperation with :

BungHatta University [Indonesia] – Technology of Malaysia University

Supported By :

Lembaga Pengembangan Jasa Konstruksi [LPJK]

Dinas Pekerjaan Umum Sumatera Barat

Construction Industry Development Board Malaysia [CIDB]

  • Background of Conference

The International Conference on Construction Industry 2-2009 (ICCI 2-2009) is an advanced program ICCI 1 in the year 2006 which is a fixed agenda of cooperation between Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) and the University of Bung Hatta (UBH), which was held in Padang, West Sumatra, in July 2009 as a forum for discussion among academics and practitioners as the parties involved in the construction industry to share and encourage innovation  of construction industry.

  • Theme of The Conference

The involvement of various professionals in the field of  Planning and Construction Industry, among others:
• Innovation in the Built Environment ”
• Human Behavior in the Built Environment ”
• Economics of Construction Architecture of the Past
• “Architecture of the Past, Present and Future”
• Present and Future Planning of the 3rd World Cities

Where is the objective of this conference is the following:
• To merge the different discipline in the built environment
• To link the academic knowledge with the current practice in the industry
• To explore the potential of innovative design, planning and construction expertise skill

  • Schedule of Conference

• The Abstract 07 April 2009
• Announcement of the abstracts received 15 April 2009
• The paper 1 June 2009
• The announcement that the paper received 10 June 2009
• The manuscript: 15 July 2009
• conference : 30 July 2009

The Committee reserves the right not to enter into abstraction and manuscript Proceeding if not follow the specified format (the committee will not re-edit) and or the cost of registration is not paid before 15 July 2009.

  • Fee & Registration

• Cost;                                       Presenter                                  Participant
1. Lecturer:                              Rp 400,000                             Rp. 250,000
2. Student:                                Rp 250,000                             Rp. 100,000
3. General:                                Rp 500,000                             Rp. 300,000

• Payment
Payment by the Secretariat / Bank Negara Indonesia [BNI]
On behalf of: Martalius Peli, Ir.,
Executive Chairman of the ICCI
Account Number : 9631380 – 7

Registration Form and brochure please download from box. sharing [right – bottom from this site]


One response to “International Conference on Construction Industry (ICCI) 2

  1. Thanks for applying free time to post “International Conference on Construction Industry (ICCI) 2 | Catatan QS Universitas Bunghatta-ku”.
    Thank you so much again ,Iesha

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